Monday, October 10, 2016

Around Tahanan Village Bazaar

It was the end of the month, September 2016. And many residents and homeowners around Tahanan Village worked together to bring to the community the best food and drinks, and lots of good finds for an early Christmas shopping treat.
But for #RafaAndAngel that also meant meeting some of their favorite super heroes, including real life heroes from Kumon BF Homes Paranaque.
These teachers continue to help shape Rafa and Angel's lives.
And spending some quality time with mom and dad, and even Lola Meya.
Can we have more weekends like this Bazaar Weekend wherein families and friends can get together, relax, share stories and have a hearty and healthy meal?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Steps Around Olwen's New Home

Just one day before Ninong Olwen Abergas flies back to NYC, we took the steps of our lives to Marikina to see and visit Olwen Abergas. Yes, he is the loving ninong of both Rafa and Angel and is our dear friend. He had been spending his summer vacation here in Manila, specifically, at his new home in Rancho Dos, which was nearly finished. Olwen had long invited us to come over and see his place, but the weather had been uncooperative for the past few days. We were supposed to go last week, but the weather dumped rains and flooded many streets around the city.
Photo shows a couple of take-outs that Olwen gave Rafa and Angel. Since Cecile was with Mamsit this weekend in Cavite, I needed extra help to take care of Rafa and Angel while on the road and in Marikina. AJ Carag agreed that we hitch a ride in his car. Thus, I parked the Everest at SOMA and AJ picked us up at BGC. I explained that it wasn't advisable to drive all the way to Marikina with two kids as passengers, even if Ate Ida, was with us.
Photo shows Olwen explaining to Rafa that he has to make an apology letter for Cecile after our little boy has an infraction with Cecile a few days ago. Truly, playing the role of ninong and teacher.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The 1st Movie Date "The Secret Life Of Pets"

Yes, those are our kids with their best friends. That's Cheska on the left and Ana on the right. Photo was taken after we all went to BGC Cinema last Sunday afternoon to watch "The Secret Life of Pets. "
This is the first-ever movie date of all our kids. "The Secret Life of Pets" directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney and features some popular celebrities like Kevin Hart and Dana Carvey. It is really a nice and funny movie that shows how pets live after their masters or "parents" leave for work. At the end of the movie, the rabbit, Snowball, voiced y Kevin Hart, gets adopted by a new child.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Paolo's 7th birthday celebration

Birthday are always a milestone for children, specially, the 7th birthday. This year, there have been a few birthday parties that Rafa and Angel have attended and one of these birthday parties was in celebration of Paolo, the only son of Angelica and Bong. Paolo is a classmate of Rafa in Manresa School and they have been friends for the past three years.
The celebration was held at the new McDonald's store, along Aguirre Street, inside BF Homes. It was a rainy Saturday night but the rains wouldn't stop us from attending this celebration. Cecile was spending the weekend with Mamsit in Cavite, thus it was only Angel, Rafa and myself, taking these steps of our lives to Paolo's birthday.
The celebration carried a Star Wars theme and you can imagine all the kids running around with their Darth Vader masks and laser swords. May the force always be with our children!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Meeting Thor in Disneyland

According to the Marvel Universe, found in, Asgard is a small planetary body. It is the home of Mighty Thor, one of the Avengers. It is ruled by Odin.
Asgard also exists as an exclusive attraction in Disneyland which the Velez Family visited last 31 December 2016, as part of the #StepsOfOurLives around the US. We had arrived a few days before New Year's Eve in California, coming from the East Coast, where we celebrated Christmas with our cousin, Renelle Velez and her only son, EJ.
On New Year's Eve, we found our way inching around a very crowded Disneyland and got the rare opportunity to meet Thor, up close and personal. Yes, Rafa was among the first kids to meet Thor that evening and one can't imagine all the glee and smiles in the 6-year old Manresan. According to the Marvel Universe, Thor was actually born in a small cave in Norway. His father, Odin took him to be raised in Asgard by his wife, Frigga. At Asgard, he grew up with his adopted brother, Loki. His famous hammer was created for him by Odin on his 8th birthday. Maybe, Rafa will get his own hammer next year?
Meeting Thor, is probably one of the highlights of this US trip for our son, Rafael.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Steps Around Anaheim Disneyland

Did you know that the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, which opened on July 17, 1955, is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney? Last New Year's Eve, we took the #StepsOfOurLives around Anaheim, Disneyland, where we welcomed the new year, together with nearly 80,000 other persons.
Nearly 70,000 jobs are supported by Disneyland Resort which includes around 20,000 employees. Probably, even more during the Christmas holidays. Plus, all the hotels and restaurants around Anaheim which are busy and benefits from the thousands of tourist who visit everyday. Last 31 December 2015, the Velez Family, together with Lola Meya, Carla, Geneve and Nicole Velez, together with Austin, Geneva's boyfriend, enjoyed the thrills and cold weather around Disneyland.
Photo shows everybody around Thor, whom we all met at Disneyland.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Driving around ATC

Last 01 November 2015, both #RafaAndAngel have had their chances to sit in the driver's seat with me, taking control of the wheel of our old 2005 Ford Everest and driving along Champaca Street going to Daisy Street or lately, through Rosal Street, turning right to Waling Waling Street. It's a simple reward that they earn when they earn a "stamp" from their teachers in Manresa School. Or when they exhibit good behavior.
But they got full control of their cars, when the #StepsOfOurLives brought us one Sunday at the Activity Area of Alabang Town Center. I can't imagine how they felt with that complete control? It would be hard to put myself in the mind and heart of my 5 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Need the help of the creative minds on "Inside Out" to accomplish that feat!